Hypnotherapy and Coaching Sessions, Austin Texas

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Today is the best day to change your focus and change your life.   

Create Lasting Solutions

I’m excited to offer an effective, alternative method that fosters habit changes, supports medical treatments, improves overall health, and facilitates personal growth. 

I founded Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions because I believe everyone has the power to transform their lives just by understanding and utilizing their inner resources.

Are you ready to embrace life more fully?

Meet Pam
Pam Krewson provides hypnotherapy and coaching sessions. This is a headshot picture of Pam in a red dress


Combines science and art to enable you to gain freedom from fear and assumed limitations. 

Change Habits

Habits are powerful, whether they are good habits or bad habits. Using hypnosis, I help you get clear about the limiting subconscious beliefs behind the behaviors and establish new healthy habits.

change your Habits

Healthy Lifestyle

I help you identify the subconscious influences that are causing unhealthy patterns. We then develop action steps and use hypnosis to get you on the right track and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Improve your lifestyle

Medical Support

Research shows that hypnosis can help you achieve natural pain control, accelerate the healing process, and increase your immune system response, as well as help you relax before, during and after procedures.

Get Medical Support

Personal Growth

Learn how to reduce stress and quiet anxious thoughts, improve your self-esteem and be your own best friend, and increase your energy and focus. Be the best version of yourself!

Support Yourself

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnosis, a natural and completely safe tool, can grant you greater control in your life. I integrate hypnosis and coaching to assist my clients with various issues, including:

managing stress and anxiety

boosting self-esteem and confidence

resolving insomnia

eliminating fears and phobias

dealing with relationship issues

reducing performance anxiety and test anxiety

achieving weight loss

quitting smoking

managing and eradicating chronic pain

fostering peaceful childbirth experiences

I offer private, one-on-one sessions in a tranquil, quiet setting in my Westlake area office or on video in the privacy of your home.  I work with individuals of all ages, from children to adults.