Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural and safe way to make positive changes that lead to a more fulfilling life.  In hypnosis, you experience a state of consciousness which most people observe naturally several times a day. 

Have you ever been totally absorbed in something you’re doing, whether it’s reading a book, cooking or watching a movie?  Were you so absorbed that you didn’t notice what else was going on around you? This focused state of attention is an everyday experience of hypnosis.

For thousands of years, man has recognized the power of hypnosis to enhance learning, heal emotional scars, improve performance, change habits and speed the healing process.

Hypnosis is defined as a natural, yet altered state of mind in which critical thinking is relaxed and selective thinking is maintained.  In other words, it’s a state of deep relaxation and very focused attention. In this state your mind (particularly your subconscious mind) is more open and responsive to positive suggestions.

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. Most habits, beliefs and emotions are maintained and stored in the subconscious mind.  In addition, the subconscious controls our autonomic nervous system and therefore our physical body as well. Most unsuccessful attempts to change patterns of thought or behavior focus on the conscious mind. By contrast, hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis to communicate with your subconscious and bring about the changes you are seeking.

Hypnotherapy combines science and art to enable you to gain freedom from fear and assumed limitations.  Clinical hypnotherapy, as an adjunct to your physician’s care, can help you make physical changes as well, such as eliminating pain and accelerating healing.