Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions


Personalized and general self hypnosis MP3s available for purchase and immediate download

Float Away Stress

Float Away Stress combines guided imagery and soothing music to encourage profound relaxation of both the body and the mind. 

Healthy Lifestyle

If you know what you need to do but can’t seem to find the motivation to follow healthier lifestyle patterns, this recording is for you!

Pleasant Dreams

This recording uses a combination of hypnosis, guided imagery and peaceful music to help you reestablish your natural sleep cycle.

Surgeon giving a thumbs up

Successful Surgery

Reduce anxiety prior to surgery, relax and provide your mind with healing images to help you recover quickly and comfortably!

Waves of Relaxation

Enjoy this complimentary 12 minute recording, as Pam leads you into a hypnotic trance that allows you to relax deeply.