Austin Hypnotherapy Solutions

Personal Growth

We all have the answers we need within us.

Integrating hypnosis and coaching, I can help you learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom and improve your life. Learn how to reduce stress and quiet anxious thoughts, improve your self-esteem and be your own best friend, and increase your energy and focus.

Be the best version of yourself!

Self Esteem:

Low self esteem can make every endeavor seem difficult, affecting your personal life and your work life. Taking positive action despite a stream of negative thoughts can require extraordinary effort.

I help you identify the underlying issues and let go of your inner critic.  I also help you reframe mistakes, increase confidence and self-acceptance and get in touch with your positive traits and qualities.


In today’s life most of us are so busy performing tasks that we seldom stop to get clarity about why we’re doing what we’re doing or what we really want for ourselves. In the hypnotic state, it’s much easier to let go of the “to do” list and allow your deepest desires and unspoken goals rise to the surface. I help you train yourself to focus on those desires, reach specific goals and embrace success.


The subconscious is the seat of creativity. Many of us have creative aquifers below the surface that are blocked by fear, stress or constant activity.  Hypnosis allows you to release the blocks to achieving potential in creative areas such as writing, painting, and the performing arts. It allows you to get back in the flow again so that your natural creativity can be expressed easily.


Fears that have been with us for years are often quickly and easily resolved in a few sessions. Whether it’s anxiety about elevators, air travel, crowds, confined spaces, going to the dentist or disease, I use a “quick release” technique to free you from the confining fears while at the same time, building and enhancing feelings of safety.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks:

Anxiety and panic attacks are the mind’s response to uncomfortable or threatening feelings and sensations. I teach powerful relaxation techniques to use in the midst of a panic attack, work with you to stop thoughts that produce panic attacks, and to replace negative thoughts with positive coping statements. I also teach you to more calmly accept all of the feelings that are part of everyday life.