We Don’t Even Know How Much We Don’t Know…..

A message from beyond to bring comfort and support to my client.

But we do know that life is fascinating!

I had the most incredible experience this morning with a client.  As we started the induction, I decided to use some rainbow imagery with her.  She’s been dealing with a number of challenges and under a good deal of stress and I really hoped for a deeply relaxing trance for her.

As I was getting ready to begin the rainbow imagery, a lovely rainbow pattern appeared on the papers lying in my lap.  The colors were vivid and beautiful!  I’ve been in the same office for 4 years and I’ve never seen anything like this! 

I stared at the colors on the paper, then glanced at the sky to see that it was blue with clouds…. but no sign of a rainbow.  I almost held my breath as I realized this was a clear sign for me the rainbow imagery was exactly what my client needed.  And as soon as I was finished with the rainbow imagery, the colors disappeared.

At the end of the session I thought briefly about whether to tell my client what happened and thought I needed to.  When I told her, she got big tears in her eyes.  She explained that since her mother’s death several years ago, she has seen rainbows appear at those times when she felt her mother’s presence.

I believe my client’s mother was in the room with us.  She wanted me to know that the rainbow imagery was exactly what my client needed.  She wanted my client to know that all was well and that she was supporting her.

Miracles happen when we’re open to see them.

Photo by Stainless Images on Unsplash

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